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Bad bus day

Today has been the day for annoying sugoll on the bus.
Usual fencing class, wherein I take two buses into down, and two buses back, laden with my large golf-flight-case bag packed full of interesting things like rapiers with 42" blades. I've been doing this, with this bag, for about a year now, if not longer.

First bus in: driver complains about not being able to see the photo on the card.
Second bus in: no problems.
First bus back: driver complains that the bag's sticking out into the walkway too much, and to move it. I do.
Second bus back: driver complains that, well:

Driver: can't put that there. It's blocking the emergency exit.
(I move bag onto lap, away from exit)
Driver: It's got to go in the luggage racks.
Me: The luggage racks aren't five feed high.
Driver: It can't block the exit.
(I ask the lady sitting on the other side of the bus whether she'll swap, so that my bag's in the other corner, out of the walkway and not blocking the exit. She agrees, and we do.)
(driver turns bus engine off.)
Driver: It's got to go into one of the luggage racks.
(I walk up to the driver.)
Me: It's too tall to fit. The racks aren't big enough.
Driver: It can't go there. It's got to be in a rack.
Me: Fine. Upstairs do you?
Driver: I can't move until it's in a rack.
Me: but it won't be blocking any exits upstairs.
Driver: I'm not moving until it's in a rack.

At which point, I give up and get off.

I don't generally disagree; it's a damn big bag, it's an effort to get it through the doors at the front, and it's often in the way. But: no driver's ever complained about it being on the bus before, and I object to the intransigence when a compromise (upstairs, away from people and exits) is offered.
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