sugoll (sugoll) wrote,


Another video evening with the fencing crowd. Tonight's entertainment was:

Zorro: The Gay Blade. An actual parody of Zorro. Funny. Dated, but funny.

Queen of Swords, episode 1. Dreck, but I've wanted to see this for a long time. I have the other three episodes waiting to be watched...

The Scorpion King. It's got The Rock in it. What else can I say? Oh, yes: it's better than The Mummy Returns.

Huge mountain of food left to be consumed. I can't doing this cooking-for-more-than-two thing. It just doesn't scale sensibly. Two people who'd said they were coming didn't, but given that I appeared to cater for a small European country, I don't think that makes a big difference.

Good fun, but tired now.
Tags: fencing, movies
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