October 18th, 2004


Packed. Ish.

I have completed the first iteration in the Cycle Of Packing. There will be several more, each consisting of approximately the same items of clothing (+/- either one spare shirt or one pair of footware each time), and possibly a variety of cases. It doesn't matter how many cases you own - none are quite the right size.

You know those clothes-bags you can get? The ones that were in Innovations catalogues a few years ago? Polythene ziploc bags. You'd put clothes in, whack a vacuum cleaner nozzle into a value, and shrink-wrap your attire. Marvellous. I want a big one of those. Big. Huge. And opaque, too. Throw everything in, then shlurp! And you're good to go, with your handy, atom-sized, immensely dense carry-on.

I'd need to chunk in an iron, too, of course. And someone to use it at the other end ("Deep breath!" Shlurp!).

Um. Anyway, this is all for a Customer Visit. Which is just Plain Wrong. I don't visit customers, since I'm (a) honest and (b) flippant, instead of (i) convincing and (ii) tactful. I especially don't visit customers-to-be who haven't yet signed contracts. But it's happening. Not looking forward to this. Especially since, while some of the product is, if I say so myself, great, other bits are, well, due in a few years' time. If I can convince someone we should have them.

What I'd like is to send the people who've been refusing to address said product issues, and let them try to make everything sound good. But I know what those people are like, and I'd like us to get this contract, thanks very much. At least then we might have a customer that could demand things were done properly.

Oh well.

Think I'll go stare at the cases again.
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