October 29th, 2004


Spreading the word...

Had the writing group around this evening, which was fun, as ever. One of our number had managed to arrange that her kids were elsewhere for the night, and so she asked if she could stay over. Of course, quoth we, since we delight in such.

During the evening, I happened to mention Dweebs, in a you-won't-have-heard-of-this context, which was quite correct. But it sounded good to her, and she since she was staying over, what the hell... So I dug out the tapes.

Dweebs is a sitcom, set in a software company called CyberByte, written before the bubble burst. It's pretty much the only thing I've seen on TV that "gets" computer people, with the exception of Cringeley's Triumph of the Nerds. It has a few mistakes in it, and it's woefully watered down for mundanes, but... how can I put this?

Remember Spaced? Remember thinking, "They understand?" It's like that.

So it was a delight to introduce Dweebs to another who understands. Short though its run was, and difficult though it was to capture on tape, being randomly placed in the wee hours of ITV (some folks remember what they were doing when Kennedy died; I remember hearing Diana had died because it made me think, "Still haven't got that episode of Dweebs on tape, then"), it's still marvellous to watch. Even more so, knowing that the Big Reality Check was just around the corner for the industry that spawned it.
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