November 11th, 2004


Pint glasses

A while back - say, three weeks - I was in the pub, and the topic of conversation got around to shapes of pint glasses.

There tend to be several different types of glass, but there seem to be less, lately. I'm not sure whether this is a regional thing, or something else.

For example, consider the Guinness glass. This is straight-sided, like a cone with the point chopped off. There are a lot of beers served in this style of glass: Guinness (obviously), Caffreys, the Caledonians IPA and 80/-, and no doubt more. Plus a lot of pubs have these anyway.

Then there's the glass that's similarly-shaped, but with a mid-life crisis. Well, with a spare tyre, anyway, up near the top. It's a Guinness glass that's put on weight. Very popular, these.

There was a style I used to see in Yorkshire a lot, which was vaguely wavey. If you looked at the left-hand side of the glass, it'd be slightly S-shaped: the top would be wider than the base, but it wasn't a straight-sided glass.

Then there's the pint mug. These had an actual handle on the side, and were made of more glass than Crystal Palace. The outer surface of the mug had three rings of inch-sized square depressions, with rounded corners. These seem to have completely disappeared.

There are other shapes, but they're lager glasses, and don't count. :-)

Someone suggested that this was down to Ravenhead Glass going out of business. Maybe it's that the pint mug doesn't stack so well? Or costs more? Or is considerably more weighty when used as a blunt instrument? Perhaps it was just seen as an old man's glass.

Or maybe it's really popular, and it is a geographical thing?

Who knows?

Who cares?
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We've just had a power-cut. Dark, it was. Dark and quiet. After about half an hour K was off for her dance class, so she only had to put up with 30 minutes of fumbling around away from the candles. I'd been planning to do some story editing. Yeah, right.

I thought I'd post about the power-cut instead, using the Palm. That failed miserably. After writing the post and selecting the Mood, the browser managed to lose the contents of the post before attempting to send it. And then I had time-related problems. Sigh. Maybe I'll look into one of those Palm blog clients.

Anyway, after a single half-second burst of light, and several minute-long restorations, it's now been back on for about half an hour. So here's hoping.