November 13th, 2004


Atlantis, etc.

Just watched another episode of Stargate:Atlantis. Okay, so I like Sheppard, and the scientist guy (I forget his name) reminds me of Quentin Tarantino, but otherwise, this is not good stuff.

The premise is wrong, for a start:

  1. Sheppard's the most gifted person with the Ancients' artifacts. Do the DOD protect such a valuable asset? Nope, they pack him off on a hazardous mission. See Now and Again for better handling.
  2. And the mission itself? "It's almost certainly a one-way trip." So, what's the point in going, then?

But we followed that up with QI (three more moons around Earth, and counting), and an old Avengers episode. Sigh: the chemistry between Rigg and Macnee is amazing. And she's probably the only person who could have really done justice to the character of Modesty Blaise.

But they'd need someone else for the fight sequences. Jenna's boot seems convincing in comparison.
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