November 21st, 2004


Company Quiz Night

Been looking forward to this for a long time. I really enjoy pub-quiz-type things, particularly when they avoid subjects about which I know nothing (step forward, Sport, History and Geography). And the work ones are usually better than most, because all the teams know each other, and we can shout comical abuse across the room with abandon.

Supposedly, we have one about every six months, but it's been a couple of years since the last one because the people who volunteered to run it took far too long to get themselves organised. Oh, well. At least it happened in the end.

The teams are pre-allocated, which avoids that last-person-picked feeling that so many of us know from school, and I got pretty lucky - four in the team, including two collegues with whom I both work daily and get on well, and a fourth person with whom things are amicable. No-one who's anti-social, awkward, annoying, etc. Which was far too possible.

Much, much debate over the team name. Naturally, no-one liked anyone else's suggestions, but we got there after about a week's continual email exchange.

The event took place in the "basement" of a local cuban bar/restaurant - although it wasn't strictly a basement because the ceiling was open, giving a balcony on the ground floor, where the diners were. So I hope they weren't too put off their meals by the amped-up quizmasters, the laughter and the general mayhem. We got a buffet which was passable, I suppose (it served a purpose), and the whole thing was a fiver a head, so no complaints there.

I think there was between six and nine teams in total, with membership ranging from four to six people. So, already, we were at a 50% disadvantage on the numbers.

Alas, we lost. I think we came third from last, possibly down to favoritism by the quizmasters towards the team that contained their partners. I definitely think we wos robbed on the hugely subjective rounds of:

  1. drawing pictures of animals skateboarding, playing hockey, golf, formula-one racing, etc.
  2. humorous captions for photos

Because, frankly, I did practically all of our entries for those rounds, and my submissions were bloody good. Fantastic. And, might I add without a hint of self-promotion, they were bleedin' hilarious too.

But apparently our quizmasters disagreed. And who did get all the points...?

(and this all has nothing to do with the fact that we needed all those points on account of knowing bugger-all in, say, the general knowledge and current affairs rounds. Nothing at all. Obviously.)

Lots of fun. Lots of beer.

Need to convince someone to get on with organising the next one, now.
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    Inside, Stiltskin - which I got in the intros round. Ha.