December 20th, 2004


The Man In the Hat

No, not Pterry. The original MITH - Indy.

Watched Temple of Doom again last night, for the first time in many years.


I know it's the weakest of the three, but I'd forgotten how bad it was. Long, long scenes of screaming and silliness that are supposed to be funny, but are just annoying. And one could almost forgive Willie Scott's character as an artifact of the period setting, except that Raiders side-stepped that one nicely, proving they could do so.

We also saw Mean Girls, which was okay mindless bubblegum High School stuff. Weak writing, though: the protagonist didn't really develop - she just came back to how she was at the start; there was too much narration (breaking "show, don't tell"); and there really wasn't any need for her to have been to Africa - not enough was made of it.

But hey - passed an evening. Tonight, some friends of ours are coming round for pizza'n'a movie, with Troy on the agenda. We're all expecting it to be bad. We're just hoping it's going to be bad in a more enjoyable way than King Arthur, which I saw last week, and which was just plain excruiciating.


Okay, so: seen this. Um...

Well, it was better than King Arthur, that's for sure. By an order of magnitude.

Other than that... I'm sort of stumped. Numerous actors did a reasonable job given the tripe they had to spout. Orlando Bloom was impossibly young, but then, that sort of fitted the silly adolescent Paris he portrayed. I don't get the impression there was supposed to be much sympathy for Paris and Helen, which is a good thing in my book - R&J, the Shakespeare equivalent, usually tries to turn rampant stupidity into something noble.

Pitt's Achilles - sorry, Arrrrchilles - kept trying to pack up and go home, and Bana's Hector was good, too.

O'Toole manages to salvage things towards the end, despite everyone in the room saying, "but I thought Peter O'Toole was dead!" at about the same time.

I think, overall, I'm not sure about this film. I know it wasn't good. I'm just not sure whether it was actually bad.