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Sugoll the Deformed
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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004

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Just back from a pleasant xmas-meal evening with the fencing lot. Alas, katlinel couldn't make it because of lurginess, but otherwise, it was good.

I was one of the first there, and managed to prime the table with a couple of boxes of Musketeer figures from the Early Learning Centre -

...pause for a moment, here: each box contained five musketeers. Five. That is wrong on so many levels, it sort of makes my brain hit a speed-bump....

- and then waited for others to arrive. A good turn-out: we had twelve people in total, which is pretty good given that we're pushed to scrape four students for a lesson. Of those twelve, three were long-term regulars, one was long-ago but no longer attending, one was new regular, one was just-joined, two were will-join-next-year, three were partners, and one was the instructor.

Food was passable. Much amusement over the Musketeers, and while they're not posable, as such, they can be crow-barred into a number of amusing combinations, with judicious application of imagination, force and alcohol.

Some presentations: we gave the instructor an xmas card consisting of woodcuts from treatises, with his head photoshopped into place, along with a tankard engraved thusly:

Maestro: (n.)
  1. An expert, especially in music or fencing.
  2. the boss of you.

And in return, he presented the four free-fencers with a red tassel to attach to our weapons (no sniggering at the back) as an indicator of achievement. Apparently, this is a tradition employed by a famous fiddle teacher and his students, and we've been allowed to extend the tradition. So, do I attach it to the singlestick or the backsword? Hmm...

We finally staggered out of the pub at 11:30pm. The others headed off into town for a watering hole that stays open until one. I came back to collapse. Last day of work tomorrow - must try to be at least a little coherent.

So, good, and almost certainly better than the equivalent works event that was going on at the same time, elsewhere. For a start, a much higher proportion of attendees come under the heading of "friend" rather than "just people I know."

Just a shame that K couldn't make it.
Proving one's point
An interesting lunch-time today: nipped along to the local museum, where they've currently got a big exhibition on the 100-year anniversary of the Entente Cordiale, an agreement (it sez) between Scotland and France. And this is relevant because my fencing instructor is part of it, by giving demos of Scottish Backsword vs French SmallswordCollapse )

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