December 29th, 2004


More keyboardness

It had been nagging away at me for a while. I'd been through the whole sordid business with PC World and the Keyboards That Would Not Work, and resigned myself to having to fork out mumble hundred quid for a smallish laptop on which to compose my witterings while in transit. But it was still there. And it was getting louder.

What if the keyboard was okay? What if it was a software problem?

My Palm had some third-party (read, "free", "broken", etc.) software on it, and that included something that backed up the contacts list from a phone. Via the infra-red port. Supposing that was screwing the keyboard connection up, somehow?

So far, my theory had been: the Palm can talk to the phone via the IRDa for mail and web, so the Palm's all right. But this is software; it doesn't have to obey normal Earth logic.

I tried running the suspect app. It didn't work. Hmm. I removed it, just in case.

The Whisper was prodding me to find another keyboard, and try that, after removing said application. Problem was, from where? No way was I going back into PC World - at least, not in this town. And the only other place I could find keyboards, it didn't mention my Palm on the "Compatible With" list. Sigh.

While flying down to visit my siblings over the xmas break, I stuck my head into Dixons at the airport, and they had a keyboard. 52 quid. Well, it was lots cheaper than mumble, so it was worth a try. I got one.

During a rare quiet moment over Christmas, I tried it out, and lo and behold: still dead. Darn. But a soft reset of the Palm, and ta-daaa!, it worked!

So I could do some writing with the Palm on the flight back! For a whole five minutes, between the seat-belt light going off after take-off, and going on for descent! Oh, well.

This has, of couse, made me feel occasionally guilty over the PC World debacle. Chances are, the first (and second) keyboard was okay, too. But then I think: sod 'em. Palm were terrible over it, and PC World's customer service was appalling, and I was acting in good faith. Or, to use the legal term, "hell with it."
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