December 31st, 2004


Demos done

Fun but tiring day at the museum today.

Later start than yesterday - read "extra hour in bed" - because all the gear was already there, and the room already set up. Felt fairly stiff, too, which was disconcerting. Not really a good idea to do four adrenelin-fueled bouts if my back was already re-strained.

But we had good crowds for the three demo sessions. There were a number of familiar faces where people who'd been present yesterday were coming back for more, and we were getting thirty-strong crowds, not including small childred.

A friend of M's came by for the 11:30 session, and they disappeared for a coffee afterwards, and as the 12:30 session approached, M still hadn't returned. Meanwhile, I'd been talking to the crowds as they approached, and that seemed to generate an even bigger one. By the time I managed to fetch M, we had fifty-plus!

A good workshop, too. There were a couple of kids who were getting overly enthusiastic and had to be restrained a little for safety's sake, but otherwise, everyone was good. There was an odd number of attendees, so I partnered one of them, which meant I got to spend less time checking on the others, but they appeared to be having fun and trying hard. All the fliers seemed to disappear at the end, so that's a good sign. Even if far too many of the people who showed interest in joining such a club all seemed to be visiting the town rather than being resident...

Afterwards, we got people to fill in the workshop evaluation forms that the museum had given us (and which they'd forgotten to give to us for the previous three sessions...). We got a chance to look through them before handing them back, and it was nice to see that they were universally positive. The only suggested improvement was "longer time" (apparently two hours isn't enough. :-) )

My favorite comment:
"What attracted you to this workshop?"