January 10th, 2005


According to Bex

Recorded this the other night, and watched it this morning. It's a BBC sitcom starring Jessica Stephenson, who played Daisy in Spaced.

It's the usual case of a single person looking for love. The gimmick is that, sometimes, the scenes are analysed in retrospect in a "video diary" sort of way (a little like the Big Brother booths, or Susanna and Trinny's video cams). And then these are followed by additional commentary, from the Common Person on the street.

It's mildly amusing. It's not very funny. One of the actors can't act. At all.

But the biggest problem is the laugh track. If that wasn't there, you could use your judgement and smile, smirk, laugh, or whatever seems appropriate. Instead, there're riotous bursts of aggravating laughter that just make you think, "No, it's not that funny."

Stephenson's also "prettier" in this (i.e. made-up to appear less plebby), which I found interesting.


I was in Waterstones today, getting a copy of Incubus Dreams, the latest in the exhaustingly long line of furry porn that is the "Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter" series, and a copy of Mark Rector's translation of Talhoffer.

The woman behind the counter - or "till monkey," as an ex-Waterstones-employee friend of mine refers to such - first looked at the AB and said she'd been thinking about trying them, and what were they like? So I told her.

(No, I didn't say, "Furry porn." That might have gotten me arrested. I said that the first three or four were good, and after that they get extremely formulaic [katlinel would say that they're formulaic from the start, but you really start to notice it a few books in.]. And that it starts off with her being, approximately, a normal person, but that she gains a superpower roughly once each book; by book ten or so, it's getting a tad ridiculous.)

And then she scanned Talhoffer, and said, Hmm, her father might be interested in that. So I asked whether he was into that sort of thing generally. Yes, he used to do fencing. Would he be interested in the local group that does historical fencing? Yes, she said, as she and her brother would be. So I scribbled down all the contact details for her.

Coo, I thought.