January 21st, 2005


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I have a parcel waiting for me at the post office.

I do wish they'd write on the card who it's from. It's possibly some stuff I ordered from Amazon before xmas that they thoughtfully reminded me was, erm, late, via an email the other day. Or it might be something else. Dunno.

Just need to find the time to get across to the other end of town...

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Mysterious parcel

So I collected my waiting parcel today. Saw it was from Amazon, and thought, "Oh, okay, it's the somewhat-delayed stuff I ordered, after all."

(I have some of Berkeley Breathed's small-children books on order. Not because we have small children, of course, but because all of his stuff is wonderful.)

But no. It turns out to be Bill Bailey: Part Troll on DVD. How wonderful is that?

(but the greeting is unsigned. Methinks you know who you are....)

That might possibly be this weekend's viewing sorted, if I can get my act together, and katlinel and fifitrix can get everything they need to do, done. Mwuhahaha.
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More books

I dropped into Waterstones today, to collect my copies of some more fencing books, on longsword and rapier, respectively (I already have their Highland swordsmanship volume, covering McBane's smallsword and Hope's New Method).

Given that I'm still slogging through the Anglo book, which will be followed by my marvellous furry porn from the wonderful fifitrix, and I now have these to read too, methinks it's gonna be a loooong time before I get around to that copy of Tallhoffer.

(I'm looking forward to reading the longsword book, since I met the author over xmas, during one of the museum demos, and he said nice things about my backswording. *blush*.)