February 13th, 2005


Last weekend

katlinel mentioned that I was off doing fencing-related things last week, so I thought I'd quickly mention what.

Basically, our school was hosting a visit from a small group of folks from another school. We'd met a few of them before, at other events. While we do Backsword, they do Classical Foil.

The plan was: Meet at 9.30am for a brief tour of sites of historical interest. Pause for hot chocolate. noon-5pm: workshops in Backsword and Italian cane. Then a meal. Then off to a pub for beer and singlesticking.

Just about everyone was late for the tour, so very chilly waiting for them, and we had to rampage around to keep warm. The chocolate helped. We were joined by a couple more at the workshop venue, so that there were about eight students for each of the workshops (both presented by my teacher). Lots of fun, particularly with cane. A demo or two, then off to feed our faces with pizza.

Joined by yet more at the pub, and got nicely merry and fairly battered with several bouts at singlestick and one at cane; we lost three singlesticks during the night, victims of rather enthusiastic whacking. One was mine (sob), while on loan to someone else.

Got a bit too battered by the last bout. I was borrowing someone else's stick, which was heavier than mine, and I was trying too hard to parry instead of getting hit, and so I was forcing the stick into place instead of using proper technique. Consequently, I strained my elbow somewhat, and it's taken all week to recover. :-(

Sunday was a brief discussion of the differences in the two schools' style of Foil (which mostly went over my head, me not being a foil student), and some practise bouts (ditto). Too cold to be fencing out in the wind.

Overall, a good weekend, though. Particularly the cane workshop.
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