February 20th, 2005


Shiny new toy

My cup-hilt rapier arrived today, from Darkwood Armory. Well, I said "arrived"; actually, I had to go to the ParcelForce depot and pay the customs charge before they'd hand it over, which came as no surprise. It's been on an epic journey from the US, trickling its way across from the south-east, before disappearing over the mid-Atlantic for a week, and then hitting the UK shores a whole fifteen minutes after I started tracking it....

I also asked for it to be delivered to my office, so that I'd be able to sign for it when it arrived. But no: they'd shipped to the home address, and it wasn't a sign-for job anyway. Never mind. Still, I was quite looking forward to wandering around the office saying "look what I've got". :-)

It's very nice, having survived the journey despite starting to escape from the packaging. Still, it's supposed to withstand a fair amount of impact, so that's what you'd expect. The point's rounded off, though, rather than having a safety button fitted. I'll have to check with my instructor about whether he's happy with that. I wouldn't like that thing coming at me at speed, but then, he's got body/neck protection.

It's also a couple of inches too short for me, according to Thibault's guidelines, but hey - first blade I've ordered, so it's a matter of experimentation at first.

For the curious, the cup-hilts are the last design here, although the one shown is more decorative; I've got the cheap model. No, it's not nearly as pretty and cool as the swept-hilt style ones, but I'm doing Spanish rapier, and cup-hilts are better there; the swept-hilt ones are more for the Italian rapier styles.

Does whatever a spider can

Just been watching Spider-Man 2. Thank God for Tobey Maguire, Sam Raimi, and the Miller/Gough writing team, that's all I can say. Yes, it had its problems, but it's a damn sight better than many of the films I've seen. And boy, does Maguire fit the Parker on the page.

Not as well as J.K. Simmons does for J. Jonah Jameson, though.
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