March 5th, 2005



For valentine's day, katlinel got me a copy of the newly-released Trapdoor. If you've never seen this, it's a claymation kids programme about Berk, a blue servant of the Thing Upstairs, with his collegues Boney (a skull) and Drutt (a spider-like thing). It's all voiced by Willie Rushton, and the constant background activity of wriggly worms, spiders, slime and other creepy-crawlies makes it. Wonderful stuff.

Forty episodes, and each one a delight.

And "globbits" doesn't get nailed by firewalls and profanity filters, either.

Books, books, everywhere....

We're getting some shelves fitted next week, to replace the cheapo Homebase ones we have. Those of you who have seen our library will know we have the odd book or two.

We've emptied one half of the shelves, and we've used up every box we've got. Somehow we need to acquire another twenty or soon good, solid cardboard boxes soon. :-/
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