March 18th, 2005


Raising a glass to good marketing

Got to hand it to Guinness. They have an outstanding marketing team. Their TV adverts are almost always impressive. The old toucan ones are, fer cryin' out loud, the stuff of national heritage, and they paid Rutger Hauer's bills for years, bless 'em. But the St. Patricks Day campaigns are a masterstroke.

Beamish and Murphy's must be kicking themselves. Never mind the other one, the name of which currently escapes me. Gillespe's?

I'm deeply amused by Jack Daniels trying to get in on the whole "national day of consuming our beverage" act. "No-one knows Jack Daniels' actual birthday. All of September should do it." They've missed the point. They're probably thinking, "Ha, Guiness can have March 17th. We're gonna have a whole month." Not twigging that the reason St Patricks Day works is that it's a single night where everyone has a pre-arrange date to go out and get hammered. "Some time in the next four weeks" is just too vague; there's no critical mass, no incentive to go out because everyone you know is going to be there.

Mind you, I read once that Beamish was the only Stout that was suitable for vegetarians, since it was the only one that didn't use renin. Or something like that. You'd think they could produce a campaign around that, somehow.