March 19th, 2005



Despite high hopes, I've felt even more crap today than I did yesterday, so still not back at work (I suspect it's the lack of Eucalyptus, so I've re-stocked). Consequently, I've seen a lot of films this week.

In addition to re-runs of all four Lethal Weapons and one and a half commentaries from Shaun of the Dead, I've watched:

The Punisher. Reasonable rendition of Garth Ennis' story, with an updated origin - Vietnam vets are a bit long in the tooth these days - and new bad guys (I prefered the original's Ma Gnucci). The Russian should have been dumped, since that was Ennis' taking-the-piss showing through a bit too much. And Lord, does Thomas Jane look like a cut-price Christopher Lambert. Very strange to watch. But fun, in a no-brain kinda way. But the comic book's better.

Hellboy. Ron Perlman does an excellent job. Abe Sapiens (was that fish-boy's name?) is, frankly, C3P0, and the plotline was just stupid. Nazis wanted to take over the world, not give it to someone (or something) else, hence master-race, not servant-race. Sigh. But the dialogue keeps it above water. Good, but not great.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Well, obviously, this was tripe. But I enjoyed it, and I thought it was better than the first one. Silly, but pretty to look at. If only it wasn't dark all the time.

Starsky and Hutch. Dull. Bland. Not particularly funny. The least-enjoyable of all the films I've watched this week, and I've got Chronicles of Riddick coming up below. Okay, so a lot of the others were mindless action-flicks with zero plot, but at least they delivered on the action. This didn't deliver on the humour. Raised a couple of smiles, and that was it. The only film I considered stopping part-way through.

L4yer Cake. Excellent. Obviously, heavily influenced by Guy Ritchie's films, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, particularly the denoument.

Chronicles of Riddick. Not dreadful, which was a surprise. It's got pretty, blantantly CGI scenery, and a risible storyline, but a few good fight sequences, an effective female lead, and I happen to like Vin Diesel. But it was a terrible mistake to cut the sound-effects from the main fight sequence, since it dampens everything, and Karl Urban should have been the Real Baddie - he has way more charisma.

And for tomorrow, I have Alien Vs Predator, and The Incredibles. With any luck, by the time The Incredibles rolls around, my brain will be working again.