March 29th, 2005


TV again

K and I have just watched episode one of the second season of Dead Like Me, made possible because kalypso_v was kind enough to tape the Sky Mix repeat and post it to us. So many thanks for that. (The tape arrived early last week, but last week was excessively chaotic, and there was no chance to say Thank You then...)

It was... okay. Looks like they might have dropped some of the concepts from S1, but I'm glad to see that Roxy's back.

Episodes 2 and 3 are already taped, and ready to watch.

Managed to record Dr Who at least once, too, which doesn't surprise me since we managed to see it in fifitrix's room at Eastercon. At least one attempt at recording 24 failed, but as it happened the repeat was starting just as we got in, so I watched it there and then. I hadn't even tried to record Smallville, but that was repeated late last night too, so that's sorted as well. Hurrah!
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Back from Eastercon

Eastercon was fun. Tiring, but in a good way.

The programme looked generally interesting, and I felt that the committee had had a good go at getting participatory activies together. Personally, I didn't participate, but that was my decision (I wanted to relax) and no fault of the con. Nor, indeed, was it a fault at all.

Thursday, katlinel and I arrived late, unpacked, met fifitrix, had a very quick drink and crashed out.

Friday morning was meeting friends and chatting. We attended the opening ceremony and the "Have I got books for you" panel, which was amusing. We tried the "Victorian Crime and Curiosities" panel, but it was already overflowing out the door, so we had food instead. Sad that we missed it, but pleased that it was so popular.

The Battlestar Galactica panel was also popular, but we got into that one. It wandered a little, but didn't degenerate into WWIII (unlike the Redemption one, according to those who attended that). I enjoyed it. More chatting, with my little sister and with Gary (plotting for Redemption '07), while toga'd people wander around, then over to the main hall for the "Just a Minute" panel, where the panellists have to talk specifically on sexual practices. Utterly, utterly hilarious. Well done to all involved. Particular kudos to watervole and dougs. Had planned to try the ghost stories circle, but decided that my stories weren't really ghost stories, so had an early night.

Saturday morning was leisurely. Lots on, but not much that grabbed me, so I had a skirt around the dealers room and the ever-wonderful artshow. (Folks, if you haven't been to an Eastercon yet, make sure you go around the art show when you do.) Particularly pleased to see lots by Ann Sudworth, and I also identified the artist of a painting I'd been after since seeing it at Seacon'03. :-)

Saw the "The medium and the message" panel, on books'n'film. Interesting, but not earth-shattering. Discovered that my alter-ego for the con - of whom I'd never heard - was a character from a book written by GoH Richard K Morgan. Oh well.

Met up with K and Fifi, had lunch, and was joined by Jane Killick. We discussed the pantsness of Andromeda and Mutant X, and decided that the phrase for the weekend was "At least it's better than Point Pleasant."

Wanted to attend the EuroClarion item, but that had been moved, so went along to Chris Conway's Theremin workshop. Wow. Playing a theremin is exactly as easy as putting mascara on a cat, and just as painful

A pause, then filking, before the "Was Fandom Fecked by Media?" panel. Many, many good points made there, with perhaps the most salient being: it's not "sf vs media", it's "one type of con-running vs another type of con-running". The "sf vs media" thing just puts up barriers that shouldn't there. But then, I suspect that most of the audience were converts anyway.

Over to Fifi's room for a Dr Who watching session, which was fabulous fun, and a great way to see it. Had to run away as soon as it finished, dragging Fifi with me for the filk concert. A fairly small sign-up (four of us, at first), so me and Fi had to do lots. What a pity. :-) Shameless performance sluts that we are, we bashed out four different songs, and would have done more if we hadn't been dragged screaming from the room. Also good stuff done by Watervole, Runesmith, Peter, Valerie and (of course) Chris Conway.

A relaxing time in the smoke-free bar (a no smoking bar. Thank you, paragon2!), and a quick chat with Chris (lovely bloke). Admired many in their James Bond Casino finery, before retiring, around midnight.

Sunday morning, I wanted to do both the Eastercon bid session and the Tai Chi. The bid session lasted all of forty seconds, but the Tai Chi had started by then, so I think we Art-showed, again. K went to meet glitterboy1, and I went to Beyond Cyberdrome. This was great, once it started, but here a con of the con showed through...

(steps on soap box)

The programme grid was confusing; if you hadn't spotted the two lines at the start that told you it had one-hour items in 90-minute slots, you were lost. The half-hour gaps allowed for movement, set-up, etc.

So why did Cyberdrome take three quarters of an hour setting up from the start of its item, instead of using the 30 minutes since the last item finished?

(gets off box again)

Still, it was damn funny, and there was much involvement.

Caught the end of the Robert Rankin/Jasper Fford panel. Rankin's hilarious. Then more filking - a very limited circle.
Caught the SF charades, and well done to the team that successfully managed "Zardos"...

The comic art workshop was a wash-out. It didn't really cover what I was interested in, and after a while of it being a two-way Q&A which really came down to private consultancy, I decided to use the time to observe some panel moderation (or lack of it), waiting to see whether SMS (or anyone else) would actually invite me to comment. Nope. Almost, but not quite.

Grabbed food with Gary and Linda, then watched the Masquerade. As usual, some good costumes, some good jokes, and some items that should have been "here's me costume, now I'm off", but went on too long for no reason.

Spent a while writing filk, then went into the masked ball (unmasked; I didn't take any dressing-up stuff with me - I was just relaxing and not getting caught up). Took a while to get going, but K and fifi kicked off the band, and we had a great time dancing. Ended up in the Winchester[1] talking for hours and hours and hours, finally finishing up in the other bar with steverogerson and gaspode at 4am.

Monday. had intentions to make the Eastercon Forum, but was too busy chatting at breakfast. Mucked around with various sword types at the lightsabre training (and fondled a sword or two), before watching the Noreascon4 masquerade on DVD. And boy, was it long. Just shy of 50 entries, some of which were astounding.

Collapse for a sarnie or two in the Winchester before catching the closing ceremony and half the feedback session, before having to run off to the airport.

Overall, I had a great time. I did very, very little of the programme items. I just spent a lot of time relaxing, talking to friends and being happy. Marvellous fun.

[1] Yes, I know it's called the Westminster, but after Shaun of the Dead, it should have been called the Winchester.