April 3rd, 2005


And So It Begins...

glitterboy1 was kind enough to lend us the first couple of seasons of DS9, and we began the odyssey this evening.

The opening two-parter, "Emissary", started well, with lots of nice character touches. I didn't like the second half at all, though. Far too wordy - I felt like I was back watching Neo listen to the Architect waffle on. That said, I did like most of the characters introduced so far: Kira, Bashir, Odo, Garak. But I didn't like the idea of moving the spacestation. A ridiculous solution!

"Past Prologue" was okay, with an obviously dubious character from the past for Kira, but I didn't like the way that Kira had switched from viewpoint (A) "The Federation has no business being here" in the two-parter, to viewpoint (B) "Things are different now" in so little time. Almost as if the network had said, "we'll pick this up, but there are a few things that need to change..." And I was expecting Odo to fix this, by being on-board the ship disguised as something else. But then, the writers have already created something that's just too damn powerful in the first episode. A bit of strategic planning, and you can work an Odo-thing into just about every episode. Just like when Voyager suggested beaming random pieces of strategic hardware off enemy ships.

"A Man Alone" was also okay, although I preferred my solution to the locked-room mystery: if the room happens to be a holodeck, then hell, *yes*, someone can get stabbed in the back without anyone else being in the room. O'Brien's wife makes her first appearance, and despite the recollections of universal loathing I appear to have picked up from fandom, she appears considerably less annoying than, say, any of the kids.

So that's the first disc. Of the characters, I like Kira, Bashir (Bless!), Garak, Odo and O'Brien. Sisko, I'm not so keen on - mainly because of the waffly two-parter and the monotone delivery. Dax hasn't really displayed much of a character, so I'm waiting to see.

And boy, does Garak remind me of Bob Monkhouse.

What's wrong with this picture?

Okay, so:

- 24's on tonight, at 9pm. Also repeated tomorrow at 10pm.

- Smallville's on tomorrow at 9pm, also repeated at about midnight.

- Alias is on tonight, 8pm and 9pm, and also repeated tomorrow at 7pm and 8pm.

So there's lots of the usual overlapping. But unless I've missed something, that means tomorrow we have:

7pm Alias 1.
8pm Alias 2.
9pm Smallville.
10pm 24.

Which sounds to me like the majority of my weekly TV all in one handily-recordable four-hour slot.

They always bugger me about. What am I missing, here?
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Alias is back, tonight/tomorrow

A heads-up reminder, for those who'd forgotten. The next series of Alias kicks off tonight on Bravo, with a repeat tomorrow.

7pm: last episode of last season.
8pm, 9pm: first two episodes of the new season.

Tomorrow, 7pm, the first two episodes are repeated.

Yet more Pope thoughts

Like altariel, I've been musing on Popish memories recently. I too went to catch a glimpse of a white blur at some airport - I think it was Coventry, but I could be wrong. I don't really remember the event at all. I do remember walking a long way from the bus to the airport, and back again, and I recall arguing very loudly with my cousin on the bus on the way back, but that's about it.

I have stronger memories of an interview in a newspaper. I forget both the paper and the interviewee, but I do recall the last answer. The question was something like, "Who do you dislike the most?" The answer was, "The Pope, for not being a Christian."

And then there was the Spitting Image character, with his shades and rock-star dialogue. An excellent comic creation.