April 17th, 2005


Yet more DS9 episodes

We finished off another disc, so it's time for some feedback.

4. Babel.

A nice idea, although rather strange that everyone conveniently gets infected right when they're speaking. I liked Kira's no-nonsense approach to the problem.

5. Captive Pursuit.

Not so taken with this one. Tosk never really grew on me, and I wasn't convinced that O'Brien would form an attachment so easily. I also thought Sisko took what amounts to a hostile invasion rather lightly.

6. Q-Less.

Oh dear. Q *is* a wonderful creation, but he's also a sign that the writers can't think of what else to do with their ensemble, so it's not good news that he's wheeled in so quickly. Unless this is a sop to the TNG viewers who missed the earlier episodes. No great surprise at the ending, though.

7. Dax.

A trial episode, too. We do seem to be hitting the old standards, don't we? I liked the magistrate, but I wasn't grabbed by this at all. I thought Dax's backstory got off too lightly here; the Old Man could have done with a bit of darkness.

8. The Passenger.

Oh, look, we thought. A body-swap episode. And Na'toth [waves!]. And *dear Lord*, some awful mugging from Siddig. PLus a technobabble solution, rather than a real one. But then, Odo's shape-shifting really can be used to solve most DS9 problems, if the characters can display some forethought, so that probably for the best.

Interesting that the new Starfleet security officer has the bright idea, though, and not Odo.

9. Move Along Home.

Horrible. Far too much like an Avengers or Prisoner episode, and effectively a "and then they woke up" episode.

10. The Nagus.

Alarm bells start ringing right away: it's a *kid episode*. Thankfully, that's only a fraction of the story (and was reasonable well-handled, too, although these Ferengi kids do seem to be exactly the same as human kids, only with bigger ears.) The Nagus plot itself was okay - if transparent - and didn't really grab me. Although I also didn't twig what the original Nagus' plan was, nor how it was supposed to have worked. Oh well.

And I kept saying, "I deny you the Nagus!" A lot.

11. Vortex.

Best one in a while, mainly because of the mild-mannered prisoner character. Though it does strike me that a B5 episode would probably have reached this conclusion half-way through, and then spent the rest of the episode dealing with the effects of the cover-up.

So, not much has been good recently, never mind great. But that's okay. It's all Season One.


Just come back from an individual fencing session, and my right arm is, uh, rather tired.

I'll just pause here, while you get those obvious quips out of your system.

Right then.

Yes, an individual lesson, i.e. an hour's direct coaching, with not much in the way of breathers. Since this is outside of the normal classes, the venue was a relatively secluded part of one of the local parks (or in a pub, if wet...). At least, that was the plan. It seemed quite busy when I got there. There was a small crowd, a burger van, a P.A. system, and bunting. Bunting. Seems there was an under-threes race happening, or something, going right through our chosen spot. Oh well. We shifted along a bit, to let the hoardes toddle past. "Mummy," we'd hear occasionally, "they're fighting."

Spanish rapier first. Ignore all those myths about rapiers being light, fast weapons. They weigh as much as a basket-hilt backsword, at the start of a session, and approximately three tons at the end of one. My point control is lousy, and I'm still only just learning where this particular weapon has its blisters. Ow. And I don't seem to be picking it up particularly quickly. Never mind - it's still fun.

For the second half of the lesson, we moved onto Italian cane, at which I am even worse. Plus, my arm was now numb. Not so hot on the moulinets when I can't move my hand. Each time I come back to cane, I feel like I've forgotten just about everything I know, physically speaking. I know what I'm supposed to do, but my body just doesn't seem to remember. I sort of picked it up again (the alternative being cracked across the knuckles a lot), but I bet it'll be gone by tomorrow.

Fun, but tiring.