May 22nd, 2005


Nil Point

Had an excellent evening round at siggav's place, intermittently watching the Eurovision Song Contest, in between much yelling at the TV and laughing hysterically. Our Terry was on form, too. There seemed to be a lot of drums, an over-abundance of air violins, and (for some inexplicable reason) a granny in a rocking chair.

Further treats included a round of "burning wine" and a sampling from an eastern-European techno-fantasy pop band. The burning wine - that's a direct translation of the name - is an Icelandic beverage that I heartly recommend; I imagine it's fantastic in Icelandic winters, when the windscreens need clearing. On the other hand, the less said (or remembered) about the band, the better.

We provided a good sampling of Europe ourselves: English, Scottish, Icelandic, Italian, German. And an American. And a stunt Norweigian.

Marvellous stuff.