June 2nd, 2005


Packed. Sort of.

The heavy stuff's in a small, wheelable case. The lighter stuff is in a rucksack. The swordbag's practically empty (rapier, cane, singlestick and, erm, bogroll). Not taking the backsword. Too heavy.

Haven't yet packed all the bits of food I've bought. On the positive side, it turns out there should be sufficient food provided to cover two breakfasts as well as Saturday night, and there will be a cafe-like thing open on Sunday (when the public are allowed in). So it's just Saturday lunchtime I need to cover. So that's good news.

The bad news is, they're not convinced they'll be able to stretch to water. Huh? There's always been a crateload of free water at these events before. Sigh.

Not taking the tent. Too much extra weight, and I'd only use it for one night, anyway.

Of course, what's bothering me is that there are a sequence of successively littler voices, whispering in my mind, saying:

- Don't take the equipment; you should only observe and not take part.

- In fact, don't go at all.

- Or do anything else to do with fencing, for the rest of this month.

- Or, in fact, ever again.