June 12th, 2005


"This is a backsword..."

Today was supposed to be a singlestick tournament, at a highland games. It sort of fell through, because of the three of us eligible from our group, my elbow's still dodgy, and S was otherwise occupied. Numbers from other groups seemed unlikely, too - a big re-enactment event somewhere, apparently.

So we ended up with two people. Plus six people watching who weren't eligible. So we did demonstrations instead. We talked, we posed, we handed out fliers. Some sun shone on us occasionally.

And I was quite pleased with my self-control, in that I didn't weaken and decide to join in too much.

Tomorrow should be interesting: three museum demos, each half an hour long. Think I'm supposed to be doing the free-fencing in these, too, so that'll be left-handed. Hey ho...

A day of demos

The day seemed to go pretty well. In the event, it was me and our instructor doing all three demos, since L was nursing sprains from yesterday and S wasn't well. I also discarded the plan of doing everything left-handed. I can manage that with a singlestick, but the steel weapons are weighted differently, and I just knew that was going to wrench something.

So, right-handed. With right elbow. Which received a huge crack right across it at the start of the middle demo. Ouch.

We made it through, anyway, and everyone seemed to enjoy them. Certainly, the museum want us to do more. :-) About 120 people at each one, too. There's something about the sound of steel-on-steel that seems to attract the crowds.

Then I came home, and had a long, hot bath, with ice cubes tied to my arm.