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Sugoll the Deformed
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Friday, July 1st, 2005

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My back's obviously improved a lot over the last couple of months - avoiding driving, avoiding leaning to and fro to pick things up off coffee tables, that sort of thing. This showed, given that I had to do that kind of thing in the US last week, and that hurt.

And another sign of overall improvement is that I've generally been more relaxed. I can tell this because I obviously slept wrongly last night, and so all my neck is stiff and my back's all tense, as a result. It wasn't like this yesterday. So things have evidently been getting better, because it hasn't been like this for a while.

Current Mood: frustrated
"I'm no Superman"
katlinel surprised me with a lovely gift today: Season One of Scrubs. We've already got the first of four discs out of the way. :-) Took four episodes for it to find its feet, I think, but it's getting into its stride now.

Also spent a while rearranging books on our bookcases, trying to get the shelves positioned so that the books fit; we appear to have bought far too many Tall Books, damnit.

And I'm contemplating getting a Digital recorder. Well, it's probably time: it's getting harder to buy VHS tapes, suddenly...

Current Mood: amused

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