July 10th, 2005



Saw first ep this evening. Seems very similar in dialogue/family relationships to Dead Like Me, while the set-up is formulaic, like Tru Calling. Given the creator pedigree, I think that's not too surprising.

It was okay. Hardly grabbing. Not too annoying. We shall see...


Got through the first four episodes tonight. Verdict: pretty good, a slow burner. They're in no rush to tell the story, and I can see it having a hard time surviving the US TV market. Lots of familiar faces, and a certain Firefly vibe, what with the Western setting, the colour-scheme and the incidental music.

Not too grabbed by the lead, though. Yet another pouty, stubborn, insolent male. Sigh.

Love Samson, the old blind guy (haven't caught his name yet, but the character makes me think of Garak), and Sophie.