July 23rd, 2005


Shiny new toy

After an annoyingly long delay, the postman finally got around to delivering my latest acquisition: a longsword. This brings my steel training collection up to three, and there's a Pecoraro duelling sabre somewhere in transit as I type.

I'm not actually planning to study longsword - at least, not with my instructor. There just isn't the time. Instead, I decided to get one after numerous workshops all required one. So instead, I'm going to be using
Guy Winsor's book. Which also means I'll be learning Italian style longsword, rather than German, which is the other main tradition.

For those who like pictures, etc. you can see the longsword if you go here and scroll down to the "Practical hand-and-a-half sword"; it's seventeenth on the list, just after Excalibur - and this is an Historic selection? - about four fifths of the way down.

I'm not sure how I feel about the new sword, yet. On the one hand, a longsword should be "about as long as it can be, and still be comfortably drawn from a scabbard" - which makes this one a good eight inches short. On the other hand, maybe it'll fit into my bag. In terms of craftsmanship, it's from the same people who made my basket-hilt, and I know that's good. But then, I believe I've also handled their rapiers (they look familiar), and they're horribly balanced.

Oh, I should mention that the delay was due to the manufacturer getting the sword to the distributor. ParcelForce got it to me overnight.

Bad Mozilla

Mutter, grumble. This archaic version of Mozilla doesn't seem to play nice with LJ a lot of the time.

When replying to a post, if I reply from the Friends page, I can quote and reply.

If I view the post separately, with comments, the reply page doesn't have a Quote button. It does have More Options, though. If I select that, then the Quote button appears - but the original post disappears, so there's nothing to quote from.

Plus, the Quote button quotes twice. And sometimes, posting the comment posts it twice, so that I have to delete a copy.

Sigh. Should get round to upgrading this ancient installation one week. I just don't want to go through the stress of getting the ADSL working again. :-(