July 24th, 2005


A quick shufty

katlinel and I have just nipped over to the Glasgow SECC to scout out the lay of the land for Interaction, the Worldcon that kicks off in about ten days. We've found what travel options exist for getting to our university accommodation, and (more importantly) where that actually is. We've identified the route between there and the SECC where most of the con's going to be, and we've decided that it might just be a taxi at the end of each evening, since it's just far enough to be too far if you're tired. :-)

So, my little chums: how are you getting to Worldcon? We'll probably get a post-rush-hour train to Queens St, and then just taxi from there, given the stuff we'll be carrying. For that matter, whereabouts are you staying? We're in Cairncross.
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