August 1st, 2005


A mixed bag

Been an off-and-on day, really.

Started well: yesterday's limp was gone. Hurrah! Mind you, I did have a dentist appt at 10:15am.

Got to 9:30, and felt distinctly light-headed, with an increasingly verbal intestinal tract - just as I had to leave for the dentist. Typical. Still, maybe this explained yesterday's additional aches - I'd actually wondered if I was coming down with something.

The dental check-up took ten minutes, and was remarkably cursory. Apparently, there's no change from before, which is something. As long as that's really the case, of course...

Wobbled through the day, but was feeling mostly normal - albeit exhausted, by the end of the afternoon.

Back home early, to prepare for the fencing class and to check in on metamorphosa, then off to the grass for the lesson.

This was supposed to be somewhat gentle, on account of the aforementioned knackeredness, but only two other people were actually taking part, and being at different levels, I couldn't really just put them together to get on with it. So contrary to my intentions, it took a lot of work. Still, seemed to go okay. No doubt I shall ache tomorrow as a consequence, though.

Therefore, I'm off for a hot bath...
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