August 15th, 2005


[ lightbulb ]

Just back from a fencing class. While I think it went reasonably well, in the closing stages I got my right forearm bashed to buggery (that's a technical term; it means "don't do that again").

So, on the one hand: feeling "ow!" (although I'm much happier with straightforward bruises - they heal, and you get pretty colours after a few days)

On the other hand, I though I should whack some ice on it, and had the bright idea of just shoving my arm through the sleeve we've got for cooling wine. How cunning is that?

On the third limb, it would have made sense to get around to buying some forearm protection before now...

That's weird

I've just encountered a hitherto unnoticed feature of Mozilla.

If I'm in a pane, and I hit the middle mouse button, and there's some text on the clipboard to paste, mozilla will treat it as a file URL to open, if I'm not in a text field and the file actually exists.

So I'm scrolling down the LJ friends page with the wheel on the mouse (came with the computer; not my fault), and suddenly: wham! I'm looking at a shellscript. Took me a moment to suss out what the hell happened.

Of course, now that I know about it, it's going to happen to me all the time.