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Sugoll the Deformed
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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

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Seen it.
No spoilers. Nope. Not one. Uh-uh.Collapse )

Damn tired, though. Scheduled 9:30pm curtain, but another premiere/Q+A beforehand overran. God knows what time we got in and started, but the movie finished at about 12:30am, and then the Q+A started...

Joss, all the main cast apart from Glass and Tudyk, plus producer (forget name) were there, for some deeply embarassing questions. There was even a "what's it like to kiss X"-type one. Heaven help us.

Staggered away from the cinema until we could find a taxi. Home at 2:30am.

Gonna be dead at work today. Until we get to the Q+A with Whedon this afternoon. :-)

Current Mood: smug/exhausted
Happy birthday
To katlinel. Have a loverly birthday, and lots of sleep later on.
Joss Q&A
No Serenity spoilers.

BeforeCollapse )

DuringCollapse )

AfterCollapse )

Current Mood: Tired, but happy
Serenity Thoughts (SPOILERS!)
[ Edit: I wrote this a while ago, before the film went on general release. Hence the metaphorical yellow flashing lights all over it... ]

Spoilers. Stay the hell away. Do not click.Collapse )
Fringe (Day III)
A couple of days late, but what the heck...

Emma Horton: Somebody Shut Her UpCollapse )

Funny Women on the FringeCollapse )

We skipped our planned third show, since it was a freebie, and miles away, and went straight to Dara O'BriainCollapse )

And that was it. Another Fringe over with.

Can I have some sleep now, please?

Current Mood: exhausted

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