September 14th, 2005



You know how, when waiting to cross the road, sometimes the traffic stops anyway, because the general flow's impeded further along the road? At which point you can, of course, quickly scurry across through a gap.

Did that this morning, on the way into town, only to have the traffic start moving again just as I did. I don't know whether the lead vehicle's driver was unobservant or just overly aggressive, but I had the unpleasant sensation of thinking, "I'm not going to make this." The van was getting closer to me faster than I was getting closer to being past it. Naturally, I was trying to accelerate too. I'm thankful that the van *did* slow before hitting me. I didn't even get a blast from the horn, which would have been entirely understandable since this was All My Fault.

Anyway, point is, the sudden "must run faster" bit caused a nasty wrench in one of my knees (which have never been great, that being the reason I don't do any fencing styles that involve lunges). Oh good, I thought; that's something *else* broken.

It's still feeling sprained ten hours later, which isn't a good sign, and the kneecap needs clicking back into place more often than usual. Uh-oh.
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I have to use Windows at work. And frequently, I have to open files, which triggers the usual browser: here's a list of files in a particular directory. Pick one, or move elsewhere.

I am appalled at how infrequently this process starts at the "right" place.

It tends to be in the right directory about once a month, as far as I can see. It's always at "C:/", or "My Documents", or some place I used three weeks ago.

Current directory - where the current file was opened from - would make sense. Where the program resides is an amazingly stupid place to start.

A "Home" directory would be another acceptable location - at least it's only a short browse from there to common storage areas.

I dread to think how many hours this process wastes, daily, worldwide.
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