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Sugoll the Deformed
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Friday, September 30th, 2005

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A screamingly-fast telly update (before the next piece of meal has to go in the oven...)

Started Spooks, with season two. Not bad. Very much 24, with chunks of Alias lobbed in, and then assembled using left-overs from Ultraviolet.

Lost is indeed becoming more predictable, as mentioned over in watervole's habitat. But still sticking with it for now.

We still love Without A Trace. Eric Close, people! What more do you need? And it made it to a second series, which must be a new one for him. But while it's usually good, this week's was more predictable than most. Or I'm just telepathic. Either way, I nailed the twist before the opening credits, based purely on the actor's age and hair, and the character's surname. Smug, moi?

Medium got off to a good start, too. Not at all sure how the Beeb ended up with this, but we like it. And it's got wossname from the Dawn of the Dead remake and (I think) American Gothic. Missed this week's one, though. It's BBC1, Monday nights. You have been Told.

Current Mood: Anticipatory: Lost to watch...
Room 101
Sarah Cox (Radio One DJ) was on Room 101 this week.

First thing on her list: science fiction, as illustrated by a clip from Spacefall. Well, that's this particular household's sympathy lost, then. Her justification: "it's not real!"

Merton's response was marvellous: "I think the clue's in the word 'fiction'."

Current Mood: Affronted
Royal Mail
You might remember that a while ago I had some grief with some damaged post. I did indeed fill in a compensation form jobbie, and finally got a responseCollapse )

Current Mood: annoyed

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