October 9th, 2005


The flat is fighting back

A few weeks ago, the toilet stopped flushing again. Sigh. It did this last year, and I had fun and games replacing the siphon unit (actually, that was the easy bit; getting the cistern back in place without leaking took hours). So, I bought a siphon unit again.

My general approach to DIY is money. I go to Homebase, I buy some stuff, and I hope that that does the job. Actually fitting what I've bought seems unnecessarily involved, if you know what I mean.

It seemed to be working this time, though. By the time a free weekend arrived, the flush was working again, and the replacement unit's been sitting in the car boot, untouched. Until, of course, this weekend, because I had people round for the evening, and spent much of the day preparing.

So I'll have to look into that, today.

But while I'm building up to that, no less than three bulbs have also decided to blow. One of them even took half a minute of flickering first, as if it was laughing about it.

I don't think I dare put the washing machine on today.

More videos

And the fencing group were round last night, for food, drink and visual stimulation.

A head-count of six, which isn't bad. Everyone who said they were coming turned up. Being me, I also factored in some others who were in the "probably not" category, just in case. And, of course, I do Much Food. And then, a couple of them came here straight from a restaurant. So now I have enough left over to survive several days. Say, a month or so.

The entertainment began with a couple of episodes of Dweebs while waiting for everyone to arrive, and then things got going properly with The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged). I've been hyping this for a couple of years, so I'm glad everyone seemed to be laughing a lot.

Next there was an Icelandic film about amazingly crap villains and an epic quest for a TV remote control. Very, very strange. A bit like Tarantino's version of Only Fools and Horses. Funny, though.

Finally, we finished with Le Bossu, a marvellous swashbuckler with some distinctly dodgy emotional aspects. :-) Local commentary: "Squick!"

Strike one

First attempt at replacing the siphon unit didn't work: the cistern coupling leaks when flushing, and the ball-cock's stuck in one place.

Sod this. I'm off to see Serenity again.
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