October 15th, 2005


Dry and Quiet

At least, I hope it is.

After a week of chucking buckets down the pan, the time arrived to tackle the knackered cistern again, and I think I've sorted it now. It doesn't appear to be leaking anymore (which it damn well shouldn't, after one attempt last week and two today). But sometimes, these things sneak up on you.

Anyway, I've cleared up the tools, put the kettle on, and ticked it off the metaphorical to-do list.

I'm just dreading hearing that drip-drip-drip...
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    Not running water. Not a bit. Nope.

Scratch that...

Well, that was a complete failure. Anaconda barfed while still doing the initial boot, and it doesn't appear to be an error that other people have answered (based on what Google finds). It's quite possible that something doesn't like my DVD drive, so I'll see whether I can get hold of a CD installation instead. Harumph. The damn thing managed to verify the disk was valid media before, though. :-(

Still, at least it barfed before it started messying with the system.