October 25th, 2005


The Legend of Zorro

Couldn't let this one pass, could I?

I'll do a proper review soon, but the quick version: nowhere near as good as the first.

Still enjoyable, with some very over-the-top sequences, and a marvellous turn from Rufus Sewell making the best of a bad job, but let down by: too much farce; too much Plucky Offspring; and way too much American jingoism. In other words, the story wasn't good enough.

I'll watch it again, but I don't know that I'd be particularly bothered about doing so before the DVD comes out.
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The Legend of Zorro, mark II

Okay, something more detailedCollapse )

A closing remark, which happens to be on the closing. It's not exactly a spoiler to say that this movie ends with loving wife and son watching hero father ride away to Do Good Yet Again - just like Spider-Man 2 finishes, for example. But I kept thinking.... If this had been written by Whedon, we'd have gotten some dialogue to go with it.

Joquin: He's a hero.
Elena: Yes, he is.
Joaquin: But... he's a bit of a show-off too, isn't he?
Elena: (sigh) I'm afraid he is.
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