November 28th, 2005


Failed again

The next stage in the attempt to upgrade the Linux installation has just failed. This time around, a friend had kindly lent me a DVD drive to use, since both my DVD and CD drives have problems verifying the disks.

Worse than before. Took about 20 minutes to load from the drive (instead of 23 seconds...), and then failed to uncompress the kernel. Didn't even get as far as booting. A second attempt took only 5 minutes to load, but still failed on a CRC. Meanwhile, my own CD drive was non-functional.

I also tried booting and verifying with my own drives in place, but with one or 'tother unplugged. Still got the same behaviour, which is that disks 1 and 2 verify okay, and disks 3 and 4 don't. Yet they all verify perfectly on machines at work.

Sigh. I'm doomed. Doomed, I say.