December 17th, 2005


Minor triumphs

Some small successes today. First, I got through to the local sorting office, and after a short bit of arguing ---

--- during which I had one of those train-wreck conversations, where you can just see where you're going to end up, but can't stop it, as I spoke the sentence, "but what happens when it hasn't been delivered, and the card that says it hasn't been delivered, hasn't been delivered?" ---

--- the bloke went off to look, and found the (standard delivery) parcel. They even managed to let me collect it without said mythical card.

And then, on getting home and going round to mad next-door-neighbour, she immediately retrieved the special-delivery parcel that she'd signed for, two days ago. I pointed out that, if she was holding a parcel, it might be a good idea to let the intended recipient know...

Then to top it all, she also had another parcel for me, about which I'd known nothing.
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