December 27th, 2005


A brief update

We weren't working Thursday or Friday, so spent those days getting in the provisions for the break, and posting the last xmas cards (bad Sugoll!). On Christmas Eve, we had met some of k's friends, had a nice but chilly breakfast in the Christmas market, and then trotted off to a local cinema for It's a Wonderful Life. Never seen it before, so a review of that'll be forthcoming.

Back home, finished off season 4 of DS9, and then started on Season 2 of Drop the Dead Donkey. Oh, and finally got around to putting up the tree and decorations.

Christmas Day: leisurely lie-in until 9:30ish, then oven on for our breakfast: sausage inna buuunn! Did the present thing, and then the phoning-round-the-relatives thing (most of them were all cooped into the same room elsewhere on the planet). Then we prepared our own non-seasonal repast: more sausages. Although these were exceptionally nice ones, from the local butchers: Special pork, peppered pork and lemon, mediterranian, pork and caramelised onion, and auld reekie.

Yes, that is a lot of bangers. We'll be eating them for the next few days, as nibbles. But at least it's not sodding turkey.

I did have sprouts, however.

Then Dr Who, of course. No spoilers here.

Then we finished off the evening with another viewing of Chicken Run, since I'd gotten it for my birthday, after realising recently that, contrary to what we'd previously believed, we didn't already have a copy.

So, a good time so far.
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