January 1st, 2006


New Toys

Well, the PVR appears to work. I have it hooked into the cats'-cradle monstrosity that is the telly corner of the living room. One of the VCRs (the one with a Genuine People Personality) has been confined to history - which actually just means it'll get stuffed into a corner to gather dust for some years; heck, I still have a mostly-ex DVD player in the kitchen. And that's an entirely different story.


Anyway. The PVR's now currently playing second fiddle to the main VCR, until I'm happy that everything works okay; then all I need to do is convince myself that it'll tell me when something won't fit on the disk, and it'll take over main recording duties. To this end, I've filled it with a pile of stuff from tape that I wanted to get onto DVD at some point, and have spent some of the day getting said stuff copied onto disk too.

The downside is that the PVR and DVD player appear to share infrared commands; the DVD player keeps starting to play when I'm programming the PVR, and they both open on command, like seals begging. Very strange - especially when one drawer goes thunk into the closed glass cabinet door...

(You might be wondering why I want a DVD player when the PVR plays DVDs too; well, there have been occasions when we've been watching a DVD while recording two different TV channels at the same time.)

And I settled on a camera. A Praktica DCZ5.3, which appeared to have what I wanted (optical zoom, sufficient pixels, memory cards, and movie capability) for the cheapest price. Maybe it's good, maybe it's a nasty piece of work. What do I know? It'll do, as a first digital camera. So that's had a good fiddling-with, too.

Of course, all of this faffing around has nothing to do with putting off Yet Another Linux Upgrade Attempt. Nope. Not at all. Move along, there - nothing to see here...
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