January 5th, 2006



In addition to the watchables that turned up during the xmas break, several kind people at work have just loaned me the first two seasons of Spooks, and the first season of Futurama. I promised I'd have 'em all watched and back by tomorrow at oh-nine-hundred...

Two Spooks eps down. Good stuff, but I was spitting with annoyance over the DVD menus system. To repeat a previous post: I'm not a kid, and I don't need a game. Just give me the sodding links.
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What time is it?

No, this isn't a reference to the bizarre dates on our LJ posts...

My watch broke at the beginning of the week.

I thought it was the strap, but no, it's the watch side of the watch/strap interface.

Sigh. So I guess I'll have to pick another one. Pity - it was a good watch that did me for over six years (k got it for me as a birthday present just after I started at the current company), with bucketloads of geek features I never used. I picked it because it had fivecount'emfive alarms.
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