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Sugoll the Deformed
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Friday, February 3rd, 2006

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Little Swots
I notice that tonight's Junior Mastermind features, among its specialist subjects, LOTR. A chance for our regular viewers to feel impressively smug, or - alternatively - deeply embarrassed.

Current Mood: I've started so I'll finish
An ow update
catalyst42 mentioned that there had been fewer pain updates recently, and hoped that things were getting better. catalyst42 is right, in both cases, I think. Certainly, my back's a lot better, and so's my neck; not only does my neck not ache like it did a few months ago, it also doesn't feel like it did when I massage it (I don't feel suspicious squishy bits, or large solid lumps that were probably muscle refusing to relax). I put this recovery down to the frequent massages, as well as the recognition of (and hence avoidance of) stress.

Last couple of weeks, though, my arms and wrists have been hurting a lot. Typing hurts. Actually, movement hurts, as does contact. Not in a "ouch, I've bruised that" sort of way, but in a "that's strained and doesn't want to move" sort of way. Lots of continual, tiny burning sensations. My forearms feel clenched, and it's a weird feeling.

I suspect I'll have to sort out more massages, and concentrate on arms. Boo.

Anyway, there's the update. As you were.

Current Mood: Death of a thousand pin-pricks
More Spooks
Just finished watching season three of Spooks. More good stuff.

I was pleased when Adam turned up in the first ep. Hurrah, thought I, a character I actually recognise from season four. I thought the change-overs were good, although SpoilersCollapse )

The Riff/Bea story was a great ep. Slam Posh'n'Becks and the Osbournes together, then drop Spooks in. "Not the Police! I want hard bastards!" Marvellous. And Andy Serkis! Bloody hell! Tim McInnerny as Mace was good, too.

But Adam. Ah, I love Adam. Much prefer him to Tom, despite poor Rupert having such an unfortunate name. I mean - Penry-Jones? There's someone who had to get beaten up a lot at school.

Great stuff.

Current Mood: Still spooked

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