February 5th, 2006


The IT Crowd

Well, that was terrible.

It's easy to see Black Books stamped all over this. Bernard Black is a grotesque, a permanently-drunk, nicotine-addled social failure who rages at the shiteness of the world through a chemical haze. He's evidently not well, and for that, we pity and empathise with him. His rip-off in The IT Crowd has no such excuses.

I'm more forgiving of the other male lead character, but so far, the person playing him can't act. And there's some bad direction, because I'm convinced that some of the lines would have worked a lot better if delivered as knowing sarcasm rather than as a clueless idiot. I'm sorry, but people who work in tech support are good at deriving answers from unrelated clues.

Jen, the female lead, also gurns her way through the show, and is so far a bit-part caricature rather than a real-person lead.

Dweebs was much better. There, they portrayed the geeks as intelligent, even though they had a culture that was different from that of the technophobe.

'Course, you lot'll have to take our words for it, since you've never seen it. Unless you'd like to borrow it..?
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katlinel's off dancing today, so I nipped down to Blockbuster to
catch up on some rubbish movie-watching.[1] While scanning the titles looking
for what I was after, I spotted something labelled "My Name Is Modesty".
Instant cold shiver, and general anxiety. Closer examination confirmed my

Another Modesty Blaise movie.

I don't care if it says, "Quentin Tarantino presents" on the front. In fact,
yes I do - if it needs that, it's even more likely to be crap.

Not that I'm prejudging it, or anything.

Still, I shall watch it, and report back. Watch this space.

[1] What did I want? Kingdom of Heaven, Kung-Fu
, or Stealth, since I haven't seen any of 'em yet, and
Underworld 2
has passed out of convenient-viewing slots at the cinemas
already. I ended up with KoH and KFH.