February 19th, 2006


Tick, tick, tick

After much faffing, I have managed to acquire a new watch. Not the one I actually wanted, since that was out of stock at Argos, and nowhere else - and I do mean nowhere - appears to sell Timex.

Cue much staring into shop windows and being clueless. Eventually, returned to Argos, and picked an alternative.

So far, I'm not keen. It's huge, the chronograph facilities don't appear to work quite how they're supposed to (don't you love non-model-specific instructions?), and there was a sticky label on the back of the case that didn't want to come off.

I hope I'll get used to it. If I end up hating it, at least I can console myself that I tried to pick something else.
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More watch stuff

Tried making use of the alarm today - with the old watch, I'd frequently set a count-down timer for things in the oven (for example). So, set the alarm to go off in 20 minutes (actually, to a time 20 mins from then).

It did go off at the correct point in the hour (twenty-to). Just not for six hours. Not impressed. We'll see if it goes off again, soon.

For those that care - and if you do, you really need something else in your life - this is the one I was going for, and this is what I have.
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