February 20th, 2006



Off to the dentist shortly (by way of hygenist). It's a regular checkup. At least I've remembered about it this time, rather than realising that I'm due at the dentist at 9am Monday and to do an interview at the same time. And, of course, it was 4:30pm on the Friday when I remembered this.

Anyway. Into the abyss.
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So I went to the dentist, and got dented. No hygenist, though; I guess they forgot about that when they rescheduled.

I need another filling, alas, though a minor one. So I should be Strong and get that booked in, I suppose. And arrange another checkup. And a hygenist visit, too.

And apparently I chew my cheeks...

Thanks for all the well-wishing, too.
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