February 23rd, 2006



Life on Mars continues to be fantastic, but you knew that.

Smallville's going surprisingly well. Read more...Collapse )

24 has kicked off again, and in two-hour chunks, too. Hurrah. I have a theory about where it's going, this series, too. It's...Collapse )

Medium is good. Not must-talk-about good, but still entertaining. Despite the Beeb playing Hide The Programme.

The IT Crowd is still rubbish. Still one good joke an episode. It's better than it was, but still rubbish.

Galactica? See Life on Mars.

And we've got season three of Scrubs on DVD. Ah, bliss.

Of course, what with our visitors arriving tomorrow, and k being away for the weekend, we're going to be way behind by next week.
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