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Sugoll the Deformed
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Saturday, May 13th, 2006

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Not writing
It's been a long time since I last did some serious writing. Last novel was finished a few years ago now, and a few attempts to run through the initial continuity pass haven't gotten very far (last attempt was when we were in Skye). There's been a few short stories since then, but nothing submittable - they've only been things I've written in order to have something for the writing group.

And that's pretty much dried up too. Last meeting was an xmas-themed one, with stories written specifically for the occasion.

I still have ideas, but nothing's developed into anything like a story, yet. :-( Most of the energy's going into cons, fencing or work. Sigh.

I also haven't been sufficiently inspired for next year's Redemption filks. Boo, hiss.

Current Mood: Unwritten
Side-effects of driving
I've been avoiding driving, when possible, to avoid aggravating back pains. And I've also been sitting closer to the steering wheel so that I don't have to lean too far forward to see around corners, etc.

The side-effect of this is that my right leg isn't quite resting on the seat when it's on the accelerator, so I'm holding it up.

So now there's a permanent ache just inside my right thigh, where the muscle's obviously decided it's always going to be under tension. Boo.

There's always something...

Current Mood: Unsurprised

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