May 15th, 2006



A while ago, I probably muttered about on-going efforts to sort out a new constitution for the British Fed. The draft is due for submission to the Fed in about a month.

So last night, just before crashing out after watching 24, I checked mail and discovered a bucketload of newly-proposed alterations. Argh!

During the day, the ensuing debate caused untold carnage. I could guess this was going on, but I was at work and so not seeing the emails.

Conveniently, fencing was cancelled tonight - the joys of an incompetent venue - so I've just spent several hours going through all the posts, trying to work out who's arguing about what, and posting coherent responses. Some of which have already triggered more responses. Gah.

I've just reached the point where I've answered everything, and nothing more has come in, so I'm going to run away before I receive more.

Those of you waiting on convention-related stuff: this is why you're still waiting. :-) I'll get to it. Sorry.


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