May 21st, 2006


So this.... why we pay the licence fee. Finland, Lithuania, and Our Tel, with his bucket of sarcasm.

Quality stuff. I personally preferred the Lithuanian entry to Finland, and can't help but think that one of the Finland guys looked like Frost (Fred Williamson) after he vamped out in From Dusk Til Dawn. But Google Images are letting me down on this point, so just take my word for it.

As for the British entry, well, it was rubbish - Mike Skinner has a lot to answer for - but kinda catchy regardless, in a dreadful-novelty-record kinda way. And the dodgy schoolgirl scenario worked for Britney, so maybe it'll do well here anyway. Depends on the video.

I quite liked the French one, but preferred the Bosnia+HG entry. Ireland was embarrassingly awful - don't know what Terry saw in it (apart from, y'know, the obvious).

Plus, of couse, iainjcoleman and i_smell_shite were lovely as always, and excellent company.

Next year, I think we should enter Dylan Moran, as Bernard Black.
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Well, maybe not shiny. But there's significantly less dust, so that'll have to do.

We've had one of those cleaning weekends. You know the ones: where it takes forever because everything needs cleaning, because you haven't done it for ages, because it takes forever.

Ah, the joys of Vicious Cycles.

Still, the place looks much better now (as long as you don't count the room I'm sitting in, which - due to the accumulation of lots of old bits of hardware and items filed under either Miscellaneous or Stuff - is still a dusty heap. But you know nothing about that. Move along now. Nothing to see here).
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