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Sugoll the Deformed
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Friday, June 2nd, 2006

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After a few weeks - all of May, in fact - with aching hip/thigh regions, they're starting to recover. So, next up to bother me is the RSI in my hands. I haven't been using my right hand for the mouse for the last couple of weeks, but the right wrist still flared up again yesterday, and again today. I'm trying to type this without moving the fingers on my right hand. :-(

Current Mood: Bored with this.
Peebles, n.:

1. The mysterious sequence of actions carried out by a computer while you were busy taking the ball out of the mouse and de-fluffing it.
2. The sequence of actions carried out by vi in edit mode, when you type text without correctly moving into one of the insert, append, etc. modes.

The annoyance caused by Yahoo Groups, when it tells you how many messages there have been in the last week, but not whether there are any new messages since you last looked ten minutes ago.

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